UiPath AI Summit - Supercharge your robots with AI


Implementing Your First AI-enabled Automation

Bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to your business processes is easy with the right support and guidance. You don’t have to be a data scientist to embrace the challenge of building smarter automations that will help you free up more people from mundane work.

During the session, the UiPath Automation Consultants—Andras Palfi and Radu Pruna will show you some examples of setting up AI for automation and explain how to get started with 25 pre-built machine learning models. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use UiPath AI Center, Document Understanding, and Computer Vision
  • Integrate AI across every facet of your organization
  • Use some of the most popular UiPath ML models


Andras Palfi, Machine Learning Automation Consultant, UiPath
Radu Pruna, Machine Learning Automation Consultant, UiPath

Things You Should Know to Build Smarter Robots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the technology of the future. In your business processes, when intelligent robots are enhanced with robotic process automation (RPA), they can reason over data, read sentiment in text, classify emails, and extract unstructured data—everything that humans don’t like to spend their time on. But how do you educate robots to handle more complex tasks?

Attend this webinar to have a better understanding of intelligent automation, and when to use UiPath AI family of products to automate more.

The UiPath product team—Andra Buica, Data Scientist, and Alexandru Luca, Solution Architect will guide you through the AI fundamentals and best practices for machine learning (ML) lifecycle management. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify use cases suitable for AI
  • Evaluate the ML model performance
  • Maintain and retrain ML models


  • Andra Buica, Data Scientist, UiPath
  • Alexandru Luca, Solution Architect, UiPath

Join us on March 15 and 16



I tried creating ml skills using AI fabric. But I cannot coz, it will not support for community edition.:pensive:


Soon AI center will be made available for community edition. Meanwhile you can try with enterprise edition trial.