Starter course is not completing successfully

I have been trying to complete the RPA Starter Training for the past few days. Even after completing the course successfully, in my dashboard it’s showing incomplete.

Please look into this. As of now I almost did the course for 5-6 times.

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Welcome to the community!!

Have you completed the survey after the completion of the course? Completing the survey is important for you to finish the course

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I was going to do that only, but it’s locked as it is showing that I haven’t completed my course.
Can you please help.

hmm…fine have we completed the final quiz

The last chapter was resources. And after that it also displayed congratulations, you might exit the page now.
So I did exit, and when I saw that course it was showing “in progress”.

Kindly login once again and check for the same page

Yes. Did that too.

@Palaniyappan @DEEPSHIKHA_ROY I am facing the same problem too…Did you manage to do the survey and get your certificates.Have done the Implementation manager and the BA one.Please help