RPA Developer Foundation Training -- Completed In Error

After completing 7 of the modules in the RPA Developer Foundation training curriculum, the status was updated to “Completed” for the entire program.

As such, I am unable to access the remaining 17 modules. Can someone assist me with this matter?


Ideally you can redo any number of times…did you try to reopen it and expand


The UI is displaying the “Pre-Training Survey” only. There is nothing else visible to click on.

Under My Dashboard, it states that I have completed 4 Learning Plans and when I click RPA Developer Foundation, the only item presented in the “Pre-Training Survey.”


just complete those surveys and it should again show all modules ideally


Might be a temp glitch, hope you are completing surveys as well?

Try after some time, log out and log in again.

The surveys are noted as “Completed”

The issue appeared last night.
I checked again this morning. How much time should I wait for for a UiPath Academy reboot?


Try clearing the cache or try opening in incognito and check or use a different browser amd check if the issue persists



Can you contact here:

Contact UiPath Learning

They should be able to help.