Start Process From .NET - Robot as a WCF Service


I am following the instructions of start a robot process from .NET as described on this link:

BUT, in that part: “In the Address box, enter the address of UiPath Robot service, net.pipe://localhost/UiPath/service/MEX, and then click Go to search for it.”
This address cannot be found!
Also, it’s strange that in many sites and forum people say that run UiRobot as a Service, but when I check the Services, there is no service of that.
So, I’d like to use this process from .net!!! Can someone help me please!


If you are using community edition you need to find it in %appdata% AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.3.0-beta0001 and run UiRobot application it will start the service

Hello @PrankurJoshi
I tried it, but still not working :confused:

It seems like the changed something and forgot to update the documents…

Any other suggestion?