Start process activity throws error: operation canceled by user

Dear all,

I have a process flow that constitutes of 4 invoke workflow file activities

When invoking a workflow file for the second time in the step of starting a process I get the below error :



Any idea?

What kind of application you are trying to start through Start process?

Start process is to start a an application / executable (exe, bat .etc). What is your requirement ?


You have forgot to put extension of the file at the of the path.
Please check.

I am starting an exe file.

The strange thing is that it runs one time but if I call it again in the process, then it does not work and I get the error!

Why you wanted to call and start the process second time as it is already open?

After an error , are you trying to start the application ?

I close the application and after the other actions I want to do exactly the same actions.

Thats why I invoke the same workflow again.

But i get this strange error that it is canceled by user.

Are we cant do the same actions when the application is already open instead of opening new session?

Can you open that particular Xaml and check the conditions if any present .

Wa cant do the same actions unfortunately.

All the actions after the first opening of the .exe application need to close afterwards.

Have you ever experienced this? Getting such error for a flow that is working fine first time , but second time it says that is canceled by user?

Can you check Fix Errors orka Xaml once.

Are we using same value of arguments both the time?

@karthick Yes, the arguments are the same, but they are not associated with the exe file.

the exe application is killed with kill activity before calling it with again with start process activity.

When I get the error , If i click retry in uipath it continues, without any errors.

Any ideas to make it retry if getting any exception?

Hey @the.christopoulos
I need more information on this but based on my understanding can say there might be error due to process killing and then restarting or may be your approach to calling two process so communication between them is creating problem.

it will be possible if you can share your workflow?


@aksh1yadav I tried to put a minimal flow with just the start process 1st time → kill process–> start process 2nd time and I get the error in the beginning. Why could this happen?


I’m curious to know what IngBA is ? Is it a folder ? Is it a File ?, If it’s a file does it have an extention ?


@Nithin_P it is a shortcut to an exe application

In the start process try putting the full path to the exe, including the extention.


@Nithin_P I can not because it is located in shared network folder!

But it is totaly strange. It runs first time and then I get the error that is canceled by user.