Start job activity --error

Hi team,
Am getting the below error, while am trying to run the job using this activity,

Can anyone help in this, how to resolve it.

What process is the job trying to run?

I came across this error before when trying to run a process to raise an Alert, I solved it by adding the robot to the administrator group.

Adding to Administrator group mean to the below one!?

There should be an option to view Roles, if there is not already an admin Role you can create one.

You will be prompted to give the role permissions to View, Edit, Create, Delete etc. Select the permissions you need to run your process and add your robot to this role using ‘Manage Users’.

Hi @sushmithaelluru

I would not recommend to add the robot to the administrator group because it should not have all the permission a administrator user should have. Robot should only have the permission required to execute its jobs. It is recommended approach for security purposes…

So what you can do is, you can edit the robot role in the Orchestrator to enable job execution.

This will fix your problem.

hey thanks much for the reply. even I did all the settings above in orchestrator, getting the same error. The below is the program,

Thanks for info @PeterHeyburn

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Am still getting the same error! should I do anything apart from editing in the orchestrator?


Disconnect the robot from the Orchestrator and connect it again and see… it should work

Ok @Lahiru.Fernando, will try.


Also make sure you have the robot role configured to have “View” permission for Processes and Environments


This is the program am trying to run @Lahiru.Fernando


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The permission looks fine @sushmithaelluru

However, I notice something i your default value of the process variable. The job to run should be in "_ format.

Try change that and see whether it works…


Hey @Lahiru.Fernando, it worked now. But how can I see whether that job ran or not?

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You can go to the Jobs page in the orchestrator and it will have all the logs of your jobs. if it is filtered from the filters listed above, make sure to list all the jobs that ran for the period you need and it will show you the results. This will also include the job that just got executed…

Yeah Yeah, I saw it.

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Thanks much for replying and solution.

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Happy automating!!

Thanq, but my requirement is that

Do we need all these steps “For the authentication and accesstoken”?
We can directly run the job in any orchestrator using Start Job activity ?

about the usage of Orchestrator API, I’m not very much sure because I haven’t used the API to connect to Orchestrator. @lakshman @Jan_Brian_Despi - ideas on API please :slight_smile:

However, you can directly run the job in the orchestrator using start job activity just like you did now… But, in cases where you do not have direct access to orchestrator, then API will be required…

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