Error while using Start Job activity

Hi ,

I am getting this error while using Start Job Activity.
Any suggestions?

@somya177, This one looks alike,

Dominic :slight_smile:

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there is no option of coming Updating Robot roles…not even in users option.
@ovi can u help?

Hi somya,

Go to Orchestrator: User button - Users - Roles or go directly to: UiPath.
There, click the Edit button from Robot role and check the corresponding permissions.

Let me know if you encounter any issues setting this up.



One more question…
If i have one licensed Ui Robot then can it be configured on 5 different agent’s machine?
If yes…then which will be cheaper…Backend or front end?


After all this…I got this error…
Start job : An invalid result was encountered for parameter releaseKey

If the Robot is Attended or Development type, you can have it on maximum two machines(Authorized user license model). In Orchestrator, if you provision two Attended Robots with same Username and different Machine name, it will count 1 license.

If the Robot is Unattended or NonProduction, you cannot have it on more than one machine - Node-locked license model.

The Attended Robot is cheaper since it requires human intervention in order to run it.

Did you set the ProcessName in this format: packageName_environment?

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I have update my Robot to have the correct access as stated in the start job activity guide. I’ve also made sure the robot has access to Orchstrator. In the process name i have confirmed that i have the package name_environment(“APL_OMNI_Process_Unattended Robots (Back Office) for Start Job”)
And i’m still getting the forbidden error.

I’m not using Community Edition i have a license and I’m using UiPath Studio 2018.2.3

Anyone have any ideas?