Start an attended robot using C# code

How can we start attended robot using .net (C# code)? We can start from a command prompt as mentioned in the post
Concurrent robot without Orchestrator.
We are looking for ‘safe’ code in .net, so that we can start the robot and get the status if the robot is running. Appreciate if a sample c# code snippet available for the same.

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Hi @trajavel,

Please refer the below post.


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We have tried the above link. Getting the following error as attached in the screenshots. Request guidance on how to make this work. Thanks.!

ERROR: ‘The pipe endpoint ‘net.pipe://localhost/UiPath/service/MEX’ could not be found on your local machine.’

Hi @trajavel

For this error see this post:

Tried the steps

  1. Uninstall UiPath Studio
  2. Delete folders under %appdata% local and roaming for any old UiPath folders
  3. Ensure net.pipe listener service is running
  4. Reinstalled UiPath Studio trial version and activated the Studio
  5. Ensure that UiPath Robot Service is running
  6. Tried to Add Service Reference in a Visual Studio 2008 project and received the same error

Would really appreciate any further literature on this…Thanks…

Hi @trajavel

If it’s en Enterprise version, feel free to contact our technical support for more assistance.