Stanford University Graduate student in AI love to learn about RPA

Fellow automation specialists!

I’m a graduate student at Stanford University studying computer science specializing in artificial intelligence. Recently I’ve been conducting research on how people are using RPA solutions and web automation tools like iMacros. Particularly, I’d love to learn more about

  1. Concrete use cases and problems professionals are solving using automation
  2. What are the categories of organizations that would require the most automations? (Insurance, SAAS, Retail and etc…)
  3. Which departments are these automations for? (Sales, marketing, etc…)

I’d love to hear your inputs! I’m also super open to jump into any discussion about RPA + AI. Please contact me directly at if you feel like to have a more private conversation!

Thank you so much!


Hi @zihua
Based on my experience, Finance, HR, and Service Desk departments have the most number of processes that can be automated.
In Finance, we are using ABBYY OCR tool which has a capability to learn (machine learning) where the invoice information can be found in the scanned document.
In HR, most of the processes can be automated since almost all of their tasks are repetitive. One example is employee onboarding to employee offboarding. It already has a concrete or standard process. That’s what makes it a good candidate for automation.
In service desk, we can use AI here. Chatbots can be deployed in this department. Another example is the ticketing system. An employee may know where he or she will approach to regarding his or her concern by using AI. It’s more of suggestions based on data analytics. Then after, a robot can do the work on that ticket.
Hope this helps.
Thank you!


Hi @zihua, you should check out this upcoming webinar if you haven’t registered.

Hi Joe,

For sure, I just registered for the webinar. thanks so much!


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