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Hello all,

I have been going through academy with the community version and I really love this! It’s great fun. In the last couple of months, I also began learning c#. Since I do not know Visual Basic, I make all UI Path projects in c#. I see that it says the support is only experimental, which leads me to my question:

Is there any anticipated time frame on full c# support or would it be beneficial for me to just learn Visual Basic? I have encountered what I believe to be a bug from the experimental state of c# is why I ask (I have already reported it to see if it’s a bug or if it is me).

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Hi @Rich0315

C# language is still an experimental feature. However it will come up soon as C# is one of the best languages that we have in the current market. Though UiPath use C# as it’s new development language, the base of it will always be that’s what was mentioned by them in our of their articles on product updates.

So it would be beneficial for you to get some grasp on as well. After all, C# and does not have much of a difference in terms of how it’s written and syntax. There are slight differences but it’s easy to catch up. Normally from what I have heard, a person who knows C# or can catch up the other language quite easily.

At the moment as I know, they have not really mentioned when it will be in full operation. However we can expect it to come soon…


Cool, thanks for the info. I will hold out for a little while and see what happens. I like coding very much, so if they are so similar perhaps I could just try doing both.

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Yep. That’s what I’m doing too… I have C# background. But getting to use was not much difficult :slight_smile:

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