Embbed SQLite engine for UiPath. Enables the automation to create and maintain a local, portable database.

Package: SQLiteDatabaseForUiPath
Author: @Thiago


Hey Thiago,
awesome work, it came really handy to create a local db layer. thanks a lot! I’ve got one question though: I would like to be able to use regexp in my queries, which requires to bind that function separately (as far as I understood the SQLite doc). How would I go about it, do you know?

Thanks again

hi @Stratum, can you share how you created the connection to sqlite through ui path and also how you created the database. It will be really helpful. Thanks!

Hey Thiago,

how do i import a csv file into database using execute query. i’m able to connect and also get information from tables using this activities. but not able to import csv data into database.can you please help me with this.