SQl query could not accept DELIMITER operation

Hi All,

Doing my project, I bumped with strange behaviour of Database integration activity.
It does not accept command DELIMITER, which I need to use in my SQL requests.

I am utilise the standard Database package
activity looks like this
error message here

Execute Non Query: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘DELIMITER $$ select SQRT(4) $$ DELIMITER’ at line 1

Connection using “MySql.Data.MySqlClient” provider.
Do not experience any other issues with this provider , do I suspect that this command ruin communications.

I would appreciate if anybody who met and solved this issue, could share his solution.

Thank you.

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Hi @alex.glebov,

Below post will help you some basic idea of your error message.

Omkar P

Thank you Reddy_Paluri.
your link confirms that our CLIENT

is not full functioned client. :slight_smile:

where is problem? in that client of in UiPath activity ?

where is problem? in that client of in UiPath activity ?
I am not sure.I think uipath activity

@loginerror Could you please confirm Delimiter will support for mysql in uipath

I do not know exactly where is this problem located. I believe, there two pieces of software in between me and MySQL - UiPath activity which used Client ( mentioned above and in settings of Connection activity) for physical communications with SQL database. Everything is working smooth except DELIMITER

Hi @alex.glebov

Not a remark on the issue at hand, but around it.

The Database activity pack is one of the ones that are available on our Community GitHub repository:

This allows you (or anyone else in the community) to have a direct look into the issue.

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Thanks, Will have a look at it. Database activity is really handful tool!