SQL Orchestrator DB Status reference

In the SQL Orchestrator DB there is a field called ‘Status’ in teh SuccessJobs and QueueItems. What is the meaning of each number?

Running the following queries:

SELECT distinct [Status]
FROM [RPAPROD].[dbo].[SuccessJobs]

SELECT distinct [Status]
FROM [RPAPROD].[dbo].[QueueItems]
order by [Status]

I get the following output, but I don’t know what each status ID means. Is there a table with the name for each status ID?


I believe that they are numbered 0 - 6 if you look top to bottom at the list in Orchestrator.

0: Pending
1: Running
2: Stopping
3: Terminating
4: Faulted
5: Successful
6: Stopped


I thought 3 = Success. I think I have identified jobs that seems to be completed correctly and they are showing as 3. A bit confusing not having the reference table :frowning:

These are the results from the QueueItemStatus table in Orchestrator 2018.2.3.


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