UiPath orchestrator db

Hi Team,

Need help in understanding the UIPATH Database created for Orchestrator to maintain information. We have setup Orchestrator and have access to its SQL DB.

We notices that there is some status column but no Master table. So any help on UIPath DB is appreciated.


@Alexandru_Cretu maybe you could give more details about this

Indeed we use status columns without having master tables explaining the meaning of that codes.
Please let me know if you need information about that codes and I will try send to you.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your response. Yes it will be great if you could share some DB structure info with us as trying to create some reports.

Also will need Status column details as there is no master table.


@yuga sorry for this but you’ll need to go through our support portal. we’re not sharing this kind of info on the public forum. You’ll need to authenticate with an enterprise account and explain what are you going to do with this info.

Hi Badita,

Could you share the link for support portal.


Hey @yuga

Here is the link: - Support Desk


@Alexandru_Cretu @badita

can anyone please share the information about status/state code in session , Jobs, Queue Item tables ?

It will be a great help.

Thanks in advance.