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how to insert data in sql ???

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@guptasweb Refer this link which is having complete details

Hey @guptasweb

  1. You will be first installing the Database package

  2. Then use Connect activity to connect to the DB

  3. Insert records using Execute Non Query activity with insert SQL command

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Please have a look.

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how to write insert sql command for thousands of data??

You can use “Execute Non Query” Activity which is the faster way of inserting the Data to SQL server.


but how to write?I know insert query…could you pls show me how to write insert query for 1000 rows?

Hi @guptasweb ,

Please help to confirm that do you have an Data table to be inserted onto the SQL Database ?

If so you can Use “Insert” Activity in Database Activity , that will insert the Data in Bulk.

If not Also you can try this in Execute Non Query

INSERT INTO TableName(Column1,Column2,Column3,Column4) VALUES (“A”,“B”,“C”,“D”)

You can also have variables in place of values such as “A”.