How to add item specific data for each new queue item added?

I am new to UiPath and am wanting to add DataTable rows as queue items. How can I edit the Specific Data of the queue items to contain specific info (keys and values) about that item. I.e. I don’t want to hardcode the dictionary keys used to create the queue items. I’m wanting to add it based on the data row item itself; the keys being the column headings and the values being the column data for that row. When trying to add a queue item I can’t set the Item Information keys programatically. How do I do this in studio?

Have you tried adding Add Bulk Queue Items? The activity will upload complete data table as queue items and your Column Names will be your Specific data item headers.

Refer : Bulk Add Queue Items

Rajender Maloth

Yes, this was the solution I was looking for. Thanks very much