Splitting string once scraping using "get full text"

I’m using “get full text” to scrap some data. It will look something like this:
I will be scraping what is under the Value(s) column.

I want to be able to grab what’s inside the single quotations, assign a variable to it and then use the “type into” activity to type the string into a field using that variable. Could you tell me a best practice for splitting this string accordingly?


Hi @deaser59

Since you had scrapped the variable, then to get the string under single quotation, u can use the
matches activity to retrive the value between the single quotations

then store the output of matches activity in result variable

Then use type into activity to type the output value from matches activity as

Hope the above logic helps you


Nived N

Happy Automation

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Worked perfectly! Thanks!

If anyone sees this, you can just copy and paste the following into the pattern field in the properties panel:


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