Split a string while doing data scraping

for example from a web site I extracted all the details of different persons by hovering on names ! but how do I split the name into first and last name while hovering it. Because it is copying the entire name field where im not able to select separately

To learn how split string look here:


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Once you get the names with get text activity or screen scrapping , the output will be string variable ex: Str1
Now create 2 different variables for Firstname and lastname
If the first name and last name of the user is getting separated by space then
Then use a assign activity
Firstname = str1.split(" “.tochararray)(0)
Lastname = str1.split(” ".tochararray)(1)


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Declare a string variable named as fullname and pass the fullname value scarped from the web into that variable.

 fullName = "Adrian Rules"

Declare a string array variable named as names, then split the fullname string into that as

names = fullName.Split(" "c)

Now declare two string variables named as firstName and lastName and you will get the values in that, use assign activity for all these statements

firstName = names(0)
lastName = names(1)

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