Split String to obtain a substring

Hi All,

I scraped a string from web which is of this format -
ab01\idfrr5707 - abcde.wertg@company-corporation.com

And i just want this - abcde.wertg@company-corporation.com

How can i split the string to obtain this part only


@shekhawat.arjun1307 - Please try like this…

“ab01\idfrr5707 - abcde.wertg@company-corporation.com”.Split(" "c).Reverse()(0).ToString.Trim

YourStringVar.Split(" "c).Reverse()(0).ToString.Trim


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Hi @prasath17

Even the below expression is giving the require result, may i know why you added trim in here

“ab01\idfrr5707 - abcde.wertg@company-corporation.com”.Split(" "c).Reverse()(0)

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