Split number and text

hi i want to seprate the no and text from excel cell and shown in different cell


Hi @guptasweb

Please use


This will provide the “Digits” in the String and the Rest will be the text.


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where to use sysytem.string

it throws an error value cannot be null

Please pass Your variable or the String you want the digits from in place of “yourstring”.


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it shows value cannot be null

Does the string you pass have value?

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no. i dont enter any value

your string which you passed should not be empty or else the regex cant find any matches

Hello @guptasweb ,

You can achieve this using Generate DataTable or Text to Columns activities
This will help to split using some delimiter and write to Excel file or to convert to a DataTable.

If still confused maybe you can watch the below video:

I’ve tried this but it didnt work

If possible Plz share the data which you are trying to split .

AAM-5Ref-150-01-Equipment Sourcing.xlsx (21.0 KB)
i want to seprate the Column A Data into Column A& ColumnB

hiii @guptasweb,

i think you already created a separate post on this topic
you got the solution also

Hello @guptasweb , The excel document is not structured. Not all the columns are of same format. Do you just need to Split “1.8.1 Supplier Agreement. 12” these kind of cells alone?

If you can manually split and share a demo file, I can try this out. Because the file which you shared is not structured.

yes … i want to seprate and The manual is made up of standards,forms,and checklists…

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