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I need to split by " ", and get the first one. After that I need to join this first split with the whole string.

FR - BLABLA - 78 → Before FR there is a space that i want to delete.

HI @Angel_Llull

Can you share the sample input and expected output

Simple use trimstart to remove the space before FR

“FR - BLABLA - 78”.TrimStart

Refer SS



Try this:
“FR - BLABLA - 78”.TrimStart.Split(" "c)(0)

Hi @Angel_Llull ,

Correct me if I am wrong, but you wish to eliminate trailing spaces correct?
If that is the case, then simply use a Trim operation like so:


If you wanted the first two letters, then you can use this:


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Thanks all!

I found the solution using myvar.TrimStart :slight_smile:

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