If the last caractere is a space then delete it

i need to delete the last caractere in a sentence if is a space

Try to use RTrim(text)

there are many spaces in the sentence i need only the last one

Hello @Soudios
You can the below expression.


how can i do that only if there is a space in the last caractere plz ?

Do it using conditional statement like, for example lets assume that the is a variable called name that holds the string of characters. Use the code as follow:
if(name.substring(length()-1)==“\n”) //this conditional statement check if the is a newline/empty space after the string
then you just use name.delete(length()-1)

That’s literally what TrimEnd does. It removes any extra spaces at the end. Try it.

Hey @Soudios

Use an Assign activity like this:

Left Assign:

Right Assign:

Take a look here:

Hopefully this helps



If you use the below expression it will remove the last space.

Hi @Soudios

Use this to delete last space character in string: our_String.TrimEnd