Split a string from InputDialog

Hi guys. Im working on learning UiPath and at the moment I’m working quite a lot with InputDialogs, but there are something that is annoying me quite a lot.
Im working on typing a city name to get the city weather, and I’m using this: " CITY/USERINPUT +weather+in+celsius"

the problem is that if a user inputs something like “New York” it will look like this: New - Google Search York+weather+in+celsius, which won’t work because it can’t be " "/spaces in the URL. It needs to be +, so New York weather in celsius - Google Search

I have good knowledge of python and there they have an option to replace something with another thing but is that possible with UiPath?

want to replace the " " with “+”

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Have a look here:

Make your own experiments within the immediate panel:

Hello @antonjimmyheino

You can do the replacement using the Replace method.

YourString.Replace(" “,”+")