Speed Up Code?

Hello @supermanPunch

Follow you flow that you suggest to me.

Filter Excel.zip (120.7 KB)

In for each row , It can make run fast than now or not?
Because It take time to run. (Data have 4k)

@fairymemay ,

How much time does it take to complete the Execution ?

@supermanPunch All your flow about 20 minute.

And this flow this take time.


Hi @fairymemay ,

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any points or part of the workflow where we could increase the performance of the code. Since, there are some constraints on generating Output Data, i’m afraid if we do modify it would increase the time and not decrease it.

However, Just Try Commenting the Code For Each Row in the below Image and use the Below Linq Query in an Assign Statement and Check if it helps in decreasing the Total Execution time.

(From row In rowArray
Select OutputDT.Rows.Add({row(ConfigDict("In_ColPeriodCamp").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColLotSent").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColNo").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColAppOnb").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColTitle").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColName").ToString).ToString,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,Nothing,row(ConfigDict("In_ColAppDate").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColIssueDate").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColAppDate").ToString).ToString,Nothing,row(ConfigDict("In_ColStatus").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColType").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColTypeNormal").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColTypeSpecial").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColAccountNo").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColCheckName").ToString).ToString,row(ConfigDict("In_ColCheckName2").ToString).ToString})).CopyToDatatable

If we do have to decrease the Execution time the Solution Method would also have to be changed entirely.

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