SpeechToText custom activity

I use a custom activity SpeechToText and encountered a problem as below:
SpeechToText activity outputs the text as a string variable. I’ve got only the last phrase of the speech in this variable. For example, if one says:
“Phrase 1, phrase 2, phrase 3” having 1-2 seconds pause between the phrases, the output variable has Phrase 3 only whereas I see all 3 phrases in the UIPath studio output panel. Don’t understand how this can be controlled as I’m new to UIPath. Please advise me how this can be sorted.

Hi @MichaelK

Please share some screenshots of your workflow for us to better understand your issue.

Hello @MichaelK ,

I found a component in UiPath go. May be it useful to you.

In UiPath gallery also have this component . But the UiPath gallery will be Discontinuing on March 31st .


Hi @loginerror
It is very basic:

  1. Speech to text activity with output to the text variable
  2. Message box to output the text variable obtained above
    In case I speak like that:
    “Text1”, pause, “Text2”, pause, …, “Textn”
    I see in the text variable “Textn” only
    In the UIPath Output pannel I see “Text1”, “Text2”, …, “Textn” devided by the newline.
    What is the way to pass EVERYTHING (“Text1”, “Text2”, …, “Textn”) to the text variable in the step 2 above ?
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Hi @balupad14
Thank you a lot but I don’t need the bot to speak. I need the other way around - speech to text.