Specified method is not supported -read cell

I am using read cell working activity to read data from a cell in excel sheet.The sheet is password protected
The password is passed in password field in properties but I exceuted it gives error as specified method is not supported-read cell

Hi @pratiksha_pawar,
Please give us more details. Some screens of error and the configuration of the activity etc. It’s hard to say what is wrong if we don’t see it.

I have used the read cell workbook activity to read the cell of the sheet
The sheet is having password the password is provided in password field

This is the error m getting

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Hmm indeed it looks weird. Are you able to send me an example of an excel file like this with password. Just remove from it any sensitive data.

Hi, any updates on this topic?

Hi @jakub.grzegulski2,
It’s an old topic where we didn’t receive any data from the user. Do you have a similar issue?

hey, yes I do

@Raluca_Laic could you take a look at this?
@jakub.grzegulski2 told me that he has still this issue. Maybe it is something that we should address.
Jakub, please share any details you can that would help us investigate it.

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Hi @pratiksha_pawar ,

Can you share a sample excel file to test here ? really it is weird.


Hey @jakub.grzegulski2 ,

Would you be able to share a sample file with us to help us troubleshoot this? And does this happen consistently?

Many thanks,

Hi @Raluca_Laic. @Pablito

I’ve mitigated the issue and cannot replicate it now.
Will get back to you as soon as it pops out next time.