Specific PDF txt is not getting pasted in txt file

Hello…iam downloading multiple pdf’s from a website and then extracting all 12 pdf’s and iam using a create file activity,and creating a txt file after that iam using append line activity to append all the extracted text in a txt file…
My issue is bot is pasting out of 12 only 11 extracted text in txt file but it is not pasting only one pdf extracted text in txt file…please provide me the solution for this

May be that one pdf in image format, use OCR Engine

@sasi_poosarla iam using read pdf with ocr only and it is extracting the text also from pdf but the issue is only it is not pasting that extracted text in txt file…Rest all the files are getting pasted.

You can try n display the text first, and the use Write text file, see if that helps.