HI Team,

As I am trying to read the pdf file (text format), I am getting really weird result.

Please find the attachments:-

Please help me with the same.

Thanks and Regards,

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Use Write Text File activity and then check the output in text file



I check using Message Box, Log Messages, Write line, and also Write text file.

In All the cases it shows the same junk text.

Kindly suggest some option.

Thanks and Regards,

@Palaniyappan, @KarthikByggari, @supermanPunch

Please help me with this.


@hacky Looks like the PDF is a Digital One, and it should have extracted the Information. Can you try using PreserveFormatting Property Set to True and Check the Output?


Thanks for your response mate!

I tried it before, but unfortunately it is showing the same results.


It is difficult to analyse the issue without having pdf document.
Is it possible to share a pdf doc to have a better look and see it what is happening.

Karthik Byggari


Please find the PDF doc in your inbox.


Can you please help?


If possible could you please share that file with me personally. So that I can check and help you.


Please check your inbox


Ok received. Will check and update you.


Yes I tried with Read PDF Text activity and it’s giving Gibberish result.

Use Read PDF with OCR activity and inside that use Tesseract OCR and then try once. I checked and its working fine.


As per my understanding, OCRs wouldnt give 100% smoothe results.

Do you think its the recommended approach?

Also, do we have some other options to try?

What exactly u want from pdf


For now, I want the text from this PDF. I am getting the gibberish text as shown in the question.

can u share ur pdf, so that i can try


As I mentioned before, I am getting unwanted differences using the Read Using OCR Tesseract.

Please have a look at it. Can you please re-check the values and get back to me/?

I can Share u text file??


reply to my dm.