Specialized AI Professional Certification| Ep. 1 | Topics Covered | Prep Guide


UiPath recently launched the UiPath Certified Professional Specialized AI Professional Certification.

This video starts a new series that focuses on the UiPath Academy Specialized AI Learning Plan. The video covers the topics that you need to follow to get certified. It also briefs you on some new videos coming up on my channel to support your Specialized AI learning journey.

The content of the video

  • What is the Specialized AI certification
  • Learning Plan in UiPath Academy
  • Book the exam to get certified
  • Topics included for the certification

It’s time to get a deeper understanding of AI, Document Understanding, and Communications Mining to get your certification.

Let’s learn and grow together!
Stay tuned for more updates…

Useful Links :

UiPath Specialized AI Professional Certification Details

UiPath Academy Specialized AI Learning Plan

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