Special character not working with SharePoint activity

I am trying to ‘get file’ from a SharePoint, everything working fine, except if the Excel has a ‘#’ in the name. Then I get a ‘file not found’ error.

Anyone had this issue and found a ways to fix it?

The SharePoint package:

that char is not even allowed in sharepoint filenames… i dont see how it could contain that…

Just looked it up in Google, its seems you can actually allow them. Guess the organisation I’m working for did because there is file with # in the name. Do you think there would be a work around or the only solution is to disable them?

If you do have them, just remove them from the filename when you call the get file… see more here: Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive and SharePoint

How about Renaming the Excel file before processing in sharepoint.


I can’t rename it, as it’s need the original name to find it and the SharePoint activity can’t find it because of the ‘#’ :frowning:

Did you try to pass the filename without the #?

yeah, I tried item.Replace(“#”, “”) and had the “file not found.” error anyway, I can’t find out what the ‘#’ character is changed into as it’s only by the SharePoint activity.

edit: The “Get file” from SharePoint activity is working fine tho, if I print the list of file found in the SharePoint, it’s will show the name with the ‘#’.

Yes, but is only like a display name, but the path of the file itself does not contain those chars that are not allowed…

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@MaxyArthes, Facing the same issue. Did you get any solution for it?

for some reason I just seen your message, prob missed the notification.

Sadly no, the person working with the sharepoint were told to stop using special character instead