Unable to download or upload file from SharePoint if file name starts with #

I am using UiPath.Team.Sharepoint.Activities version 1.5.2
If file name starts with # then uipath bot is unable to download file from sharepoint or upload it from local to sharepoint
For other files it is working fine


Hi @rajat_dhammi ,
you can add an exception flow to use the gui to upload and download files if filename starts with #

Hello @shetanshudhar
Yes, my bot has handled all exceptions for this. I have marked this question as bug and looking for answer whether we can download or upload file from sharepoint which starts from # like #abc.jpg

Hi @rajat_dhammi

Have you already given this activity package a go?

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Hi @loginerror
Thanks for reply. I have tried this package but i found difficult to download specific file from a sharepoint folder through this package.
Any quick help would be appreciated

Suppose, I want to download file abc.jpg file from “Document/UiPath Uploads/March/abc.jpg”
After configuration, how to pass the drive item of the file and download file

As per the activity on-hover description:

Which would look like so:

I would first give this a try, and then adapt it by putting the subfolder parameter and the name of your file: