Source Code after legacy migration

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I need help in understanding, if there is a way that I can get back my code after I deploy it into orchestrator without checking include sources? and if I donot have the code in my machine?

Any way that i can extract the code from the deployed packages?
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You can download the .nupkg file from Orchestrator and rename it as .zip and then extract zip file. Then you will find all the xaml files related to your project.

This works in usual scenario but as i mentioned “Source is not included” while deploying.


Is it a windows compatibility project?

if so then .zip will not work…as they are compiled as dll so without inlcude source you cannot retrieve them back

there are few decompilers you can try…but not recommended and not sure how much it can work


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thanks @Anil_G will give a try and let you know

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