Sort multiple Excel columns while working with it

Dear all,
I was wondering if there is a function to sort a working, opened and displayed Excel file by several columns.
My usecase is following:

  1. Receiving excel files via email
  2. Save excel attachment
  3. Read excel content → unsorted
  4. Use excel content in SAP and directly add new values to excel file, like status, result values etc.
  5. send same excel file to recepients with added content

I would like to work only with a sorted excel file, meaning to sort the file with step 3 - sorting by at least 3 columns in one step.
Knowing the function of sort dataTable, but this only helps if I work with an internal table only.


Hi Markus,

In this scenario, would the sort range activity help? This would allow you to sort a range by multiple columns and allows you to set the direction (Ascending vs Descending).


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