Sort email via date

I have a problem which function when i get attachment in email
when user send email to me , robot will run function with newest email
example :
2 mail in 10pm and 10:01 pm → robot will run email at 10:01 first then run next
So pls help I need to know how to run function sort by time send email

I’m not good at English , thanks for read :((

Check the below post -

Karthik Byggari

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How can i use in uipath , pls help

You have an example attached in the same post. Check it.

i using POP3 Mail , it will delete mail after read so i can’t do like that post

Hi Karthik, I am absolutely new to RPA and UIPath. I saw this post but somehow the issue I am getting isn’t getting fixed.
What I am trying to achieve is - I am trying to fetch latest x number of from Lotus Notes. For that I used Get IBM Notes Message activity followed by For Each activity.The emails Inbox is already sorted by date (newest first).
Issue I am facing it- The emails that are getting retrieved are the one marked with High Importance tag and are very old ones, not the latest.
I am using Assign activity for - item.Headers(“Date”) but still it not working as required.
Please help.

Just retrieve the emails without any filter.

Karthik Byggari

still the same