SOQL Query

Hi All,

I am new to salesforce automation with uipath, and I want to write a query to fetch submission details from submission based on the submission number, it would be really helpful if any one can suggest me some thing , or is there any other approach of searching

Hi @Yoichi ,

Any suggestion from your end .


Sorry, but i don’t have enough knowledge regarding SOQL/SFDC.
Can anyone help her?
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Hello @Ritika_Singh @Yoichi

Sorry, I don’t have much idea in the sales force automation. Please refer to the below link which is having a set of video which can help you in the Automation.

Hey @Ritika_Singh

As per the docs it looks like the query used is similar to the SQL based.

Kindly try the below, (assuming the table name & fields)

FROM Submission
WHERE SubmissionNumber=123


Hi Ritika,

Use execute SOQL activity and provide your query in that. Use query as specified by @Nithinkrishna. it will return the result as a datatable.