Sopra Steria Translation package

Is anyone used Translate Text activity of sopra steria package?
If so, can anyone tell me how to give the inputs as i am getting error as follows:

And the following is my workflow:

can anyone suggest me the solution

And the package will be available in SopraSteria.Translate.Activities.


Hi @Santhi7698

Not used this package, but it appears as if you need to pass the Language in which you need to translate (“Translate To”).

Hi @kumar.varun2

Yes, I have mentioned that also but got the same error. We can select language either from “Languages drop down” or we can mention the language in “Translate To” field.
I have tried both the ways, but got the same error message.



How about the Original Language option? Try with it also.


Yes, I have created output variable for that also.