Email text conversion from Spanish to English

Hi All,
I have a scenario where in I will getting emails in Spanish and bot needs to pick those emails and convert to English for further processing in other system. Please help if anyone can suggest some approach to be used in UiPath for language conversion.


It might help you.

Hi @lakshman ,

Thank you for your response, I am looking for standard UiPath activities, this seems to be developed by some individual and may not be stable .


I guess we don’t have any specific activities to the translate language which is developed by UiPath.

If you don’t want to use activities developed some other individual user then try with Google Translator.


There are many options of text translation activity from different packages as – Google/ Microsoft/IBM/AWS/Azure

Please confirm which is the best one to use.

Read the email. Use Application/Browser and go to Set the languages and enter the text to be translated. Get Text the result.

@sumit.tyagi Try with Microsoft and see how it goes