Some problem with opening Excel

Hi all,
I need to automate the process of checking invoices for incoming e-mails and, after comparing the inventory, creating a warehouse request.
I got to the stage where the robot reads my incoming mail, downloads attachments (pdf and excel), compares data in both files (material names and numbers). If the information agrees, the robot logs into SAP and checks the stock.
I made it here, but when I started the robot a second time, it got stuck in the opening phase of the file. First, it says that it is not possible to open the application (neither Excel nor PDFko), then Excel opened it, but as a new document and refuses to open any given file attachment in any way, where I have set variants.

Please would anyone know?
Thank you

Buddy before trying to open the document either pdf or excel, use a kill process activity and mention the process name property with the process name like “EXCEL” and to check the process name exactly go to task manager and look at the process which are running currently and note down the process like excel.exe and acrobreader.exe .Take that application name alone without .exe and mention the same in Process Name property of kill process activity buddy
This will ensure that the application is closed completely before we try to open any file with that application
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Sajuri

@Palaniyappan thank you for your answer
I checked all processes in task manager and tried kill excel, but I have same problem :frowning:

That’s why I wrote it to Rookies. I forfot \ at the end of the line :expressionless::sweat_smile:


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