SOLVED Pushing items to Orchestrator Queue via Web API

Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to develop an “Act-Bot” using platform and orchestrator.
Therefore I need to push arguments from the platform to an orchestrator queue and process them in UIPath.
Unfortunately I do not have a development background. I have followed the steps described in a Kore.AI Integration documentation and configured a ‘AuthorizeWithOrchestrator’ request using as in API documentation ( My settings are as followed and if I test the request it seems to be successful.

After this I have created a service node in to upload collected user input to Orchestrator using


Authorization header will be pulled from the authorization node and passed to pushqueueitem:

If I test the bot I will receive positive responses for both requests.
In debug log it will tell me the nodes have been successfully processed.
Nevertheless if I monitor the Queue in Orchetrator there will be no transaction and no uploaded items.

Has anyone experience with these APIs and can tell me what I might have configuered wrongly?

Thank you all!


Having done a further research I can share further information on the problem.
Apparently referring to the orchestrator 2018 API Guide a sample response should be looking somehow like this:

@odata.context”: “$metadata#queueItem/$entity”,
“QueueDefinitionId”: 188,
“OutputData”: null,
“Status”: “New”,
“ReviewStatus”: “None”,
“ReviewerUserId”: null,
“Key”: “e9cb2205-0232-4b99-9556-52dc2e686663”,
“Reference”: null,
“ProcessingExceptionType”: null,
“DueDate”: “2018-03-25T13:42:27.654Z”,
“Priority”: “High”,
“DeferDate”: “2018-03-21T13:42:27.654Z”,
“StartProcessing”: null,
“EndProcessing”: null,
“SecondsInPreviousAttempts”: 0,
“AncestorId”: null,
“RetryNumber”: 0,
“SpecificData”: “{“DynamicProperties”:{“Email":"”,“Name”:“O’brian”}}”,
“CreationTime”: “2018-03-21T15:31:27.2699068Z”,
“Progress”: null,
“RowVersion”: “AAAAAABDGLk=”,
“Id”: 1050947,
“ProcessingException”: null,
“SpecificContent”: {
“Email”: “”,
“Name”: “O’Brian”
“Output”: null

Also referring to the orchestrator a2018 api guide I have now adjusted the request body as follows:

Checking my response in I am getting a slightly different response as attached:

Maybe this helps for better understanding.

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Update: Happy to provide you with an update!
It is working now!!!
So for everyone facing a similar issue in the future.
Problem cause in initial post: referring to an older version of the API guide I did not declare the parameters as
“Action@odata.type”: “#String

Second version of the body is correct besides missing a comma after “Priority”:“Normal”, so the code that will work is actually:

This will add a queue item to queue “TestQueue” as follows
(w. “12345” set as a test input in the chatbot workflow:


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