[Solved] Continuous file download

Hello people

I have a project that:

  • user enters with the year you want to download the document


user selects 2015

Robo will select the year 2015 in the website and download of every month, back selects 2016 and downloads every month until the current year, in case 2019


by the year 2018 everything is ok, it downloads correctly, but it does not select the year 2019

I used the logic where user input is stored in the variable year and will do so while it is less than or equal to the current year, but 2019 does not enter the list. Can someone help me with logic

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may i know what is the value of ano
Cheers @KMota

Hi @KMota
is ano value is 2015

Ashwin S

Hello @Palaniyappan @AshwinS2

Well, if I understand your question lol the value of the year depends on user input, it varies between 2003 and 2019

Robo has to download every month of every year from user input to the current year.

how that ano is incremented to meet the year condition
thats the clarification needed
Cheers @KMota

Got it, lol sorry
with counter


is this IF condition is within WHILE LOOP


thanks, redid the sequences and it worked :slight_smile:

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