How to search by month in the expression?

How to write the expression if i want to pick the document by month only ignoring the days.
Example now is May, i want to pick the invoice for May only.

I am stuck, is my below activity correct? Kindly advise :pray:

You can use Matces Activity

I have solve the Month issue, reflecting this month & year. But the bot cant recognise the item to pick up and click download.
Is there any problem with my activity here? Help pls…

Anchor base when a reliable selector is not available
In your case, may be you can check the “download PDF” selector is it have a keyword for the “Month”.
Or try to change the AnchorPosition to the right place, don’t use auto

I check the link “download PDF” do not have any keyword month. The full picture is like this.
the dates can be different every month, so i only want to pick the invoice based on the month and download.

Can you find the idx in the selector for the current month and Download PDF?
Or is it table? Can you find the tableRow?


Use a click activity.

Open UiExplore

Select the element with the month

In the editor, replace the dates and year with * i.e 23 May 2021 as * May *

Select the month, right click and select the variable you have added.

I did replace it with * , but cannnot validate


In your case, innertext=‘{{Dates}}’ and add the * berfore and after the {{Dates}}
Also, I see your selector have tableCol, you can use the tableRow to click the correct download PDF
Like Use the Get Attribute for the Current Month, the get attribute should be “tableRow” and put the result in the “Download Link” selector

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  1. You replace days and years not the entire date. i,e if 23 May 2020 replace as * May *
  2. Then Replace the month so that it all reads * {{Dates}} *
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Haha Why I can’t wirte the * in the forum …


Em… you should reply Wendy_wendy

but still cant validate…

Dont worry about validate, it will work

Errr, dont quite understand… im newbie…haha

Just save. Also should you not be clicking the download PDF rather than the dates? @Eric_Wong_Test right?


Do u mean “Find Element” replace with “Get Attributes” activities?

On the uiExplorer, please indicate Download PDF for the month and screenshot the properties so we can advise