SOAP Request issue: exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

Hi All,

I am trying to call a sample soap service( and I am receiving the error as “exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”. Can anyone respond to help me here?


Hi All,
I am trying to Invoke a SOAP Service,i am getting error message as “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”

Note: Im able to successfully Invoke the WebService through “SoapUI” Tool.

Can you any one please help to resolve this problem.


Hi All, have you had a chance to resolve that on your own? I am having similar issue. Regards,

Hi all,

It seems like the SOAP request activity is lost when a complex structure is returned. It will be addressed in the future releases.

I have this same issue. Please help to resolve this.

Probably you have selected wrong data type for variable or there is some kind of validation that your variable is not going through.

I had this error while i created DTO and passed value was not correct.

I am having the same issue… should I test with another tool, what could be wrong in the passed values…

Hi everyone,

I am having a similar problem. Webservice is being correctly generated in SOAPUI and in POSTMAN, unfortunately it is not happening the same in UIPATH.

If I use the activity SOAP Request the generated service is wrong. There should be an importing parametar call id_string instead, the parameter name is the name of the webservice with one 1 at the end.

As soon as I click on Invoke I get the following error:

In SOAPUI looks like this:

I found a possible solution by using libraries.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. The service is “correctly” generated (maybe not), but as soon as I try to publish the library I get an error.

Was anyone able to connect to SAP using SOAP webservices?


Hi @Alejandro_Montero

Could you maybe copy paste the entire error via the Copy to Clipboard option?

It would also help if you could share the example definition file that causes the error (it can be via a Private Message).

I will then register this is a bug with our team :slight_smile:

However, one thing to try would be to not call your Namespace UiPath. It’s a small idea, but there is a big chance that it conflicts with already existing ones…

Hi @loginerror,

thanks for your reply.

The following is what I am getting back after publishing the service:

Compilation failed or was cancelled.

You are right with the namespace, I was just trying to generate it with the suggested name (ZTEST_WEBSERVICE) and I was getting an error. This is why I used as a dummy name :wink:

How can I send you a private message with the wsdl?


The quickest way is to click my avatar in any message:
(example with yours because I don’t have that Message button for myself :slight_smile: )

One more thing to try - a namespace without _ character (a long shot, but worth trying)

I am receiving the same error when I retry to consume a WSDL from SAP. Is there a solution to this issue?

This issue should be resolved in the 19.10.3 Enterprise patch, as well as latest community version.