Smartsheet Activities

Hi - can you please check out a quick start I did at and let me know if this is helpful? I’d like to get some feedback from users before I open it up to everyone.

Thanks so much!

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Hey Paul,

I am using copy sheet activity. But the data in the sheet is not getting copied to the new sheet. I have also selected include option in the activity. Need your help please.


Can you please provide a copy of the xaml? I ask in that I just tested this activity and it worked correctly. This is using Studio 21.4 and version 1.0.2 of the activity pack.

Hi Paul,

I have been using the Smartsheet activities in our project. Recently I have encountered one issue , where user enters the data in one of the sheet and after that bot will download the sheet . Here sometimes latest entered data not reflected in Smartsheet (assuming that it might not saved the data properly)
and bot still gets the old data hence validation fails.

There is no activity where I can save the sheet before downloading.

Could you please suggest me on this issue.

Sudha Banakar

Hi - do you mean force the sheet to save? I don’t think so as the updates are done entirely on the client and the client has to initiate that action.

As I know , there are limitations with Smartsheet , I just to want to save the sheet before downloading any sheet.

Is that achievable ?

Sudha Banakar

Hi Everyone,

New to Smartsheet automation. Wanted to know the reusable use cases other with Smartsheet. How are others in organization automating with Smartsheet. I would like to get some ideas.

Noe that I am aware of.

The common ones I know of are:

  • Creating a sheet from a template
  • Importing a sheet from Excel
  • Adding new rows
  • Updating existing rows

At least, that is what I get asked about the most or hear customers use it for.

Hello everyone, I am struggling with my smartsheet flow, oddly the robot actually performs the actions expected, however, at the end of the run Studio shows an error

Activity ended with error:
Error Code: [202]
Message: Unable to parse request. The following error occurred: Field “value” was not parsable. value must be a primitive type
at [Source:; line: 1, column: 70].

I am not sure what is causing this error since the results arrive in smartsheet as expected.

Hello everyone.
We have a Usecase where bot needs to integrate with Smartsheet to perform read and write operations.
I have installed smart sheet activities. Now under smart application scope, we need to select the type of authentication right?
Which one I should be selecting ? and also do I need to get license of smart sheet within our company to perform read and write operations?

Please respond at the earliest.

Thank you

Hi Paul,

I am new to smartsheet and trying my first integration to insert/update rows from excel to smartsheet

Is it possible to share step by step process to insert/update row from excel sheet to smart sheet.


Hi Paul,

I am working with smart sheet integration to get data from Smartsheet to uipath. I have implemented the below steps:

  1. added Smartsheet Scope
  2. Added List Row activity
  3. Added for each activity. In the body added the Get Row activity.

Now the output Im getting is the Row id which is in the smartsheet. I want to get the data in string format(in data table format).

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi everyone, i have been trying to get filtered records from smartsheet using get sheet activity but unable to do so, would be really helpful if anyone can show me how to do that.


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May I know , will get row activity gets all the row information in Row out from Get Row Activity .

If so, may I know how to get specific column information from that so.

Thanks in advance.

Hi all,

After trying this package also its still showing 202 error. I didn’t get my error rectified.

Any inputs please.

Do you have a version of this file (Update Rows Demo - that will run with StudioX? I get an error each time I try to open it. Thanks.

I am facing the similar issue with List rows activity in prod environment.
Activity is resulting in below error : Activity ended with error: Error Code: [202] Message: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
Response status of List rows activity is False
Activity is working as expected in non prod environment.
You were able to figure out the issue ?

sorry , I installed integration services package.
Its resolved

Does anyone encountered a problem of pulling cell information for one of the row IDs after using the List Rows activity? I’m able to pull a list of row IDs, then using nested For Each to pull the cells of that row, but I can’t seems to store it in a proper form - with other words - [rowID, cell value1, cell value 2… and so on. It looks like the Smartsheet.api.model.row/cell/column does not support indexing of the arrays either. I would appreciate some navigation on that matter.