SmartCard Authentication

I’m having trouble finding the check box ‘The password represents a SmartCard pin’ while creating a new robot.
I have the UiPath version 18.4 and I want to create a robot type development.
I already activated the setting ‘login to console’ but still no check box visible.

Anyone who can help?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @CelienVe

Could you point out to the guide your are following?
Also, could you elaborate a bit on your particular setup? Bigger picture would help understand your issue :slight_smile:

I followed this guide:
I just wanted to test this new feature to see if it could be used for a project I’m working on.
But I do not manage to find the checkbox.

Attached an image of the settings

And of the robot I want to create

Could you also refer to this article:

It explains the Orchestrator configuration that needs to be done beforehand.

Actually I have no idea. I will check it and let you know.
Furthermore I was wondering, do you know if this option allows to login on applications which require an ID card? Or is it only usefull to autorize an entire robot (for example loging in to Windows)?

I believe this particular implementation is for Orchestrator and is meant to authenticate the entire Robot.

Hi CelienVe,
Could you please tell me, how did you activated the setting “login to console” ?. i have to do the same for my use case.
Thanks in advance !

You go to robot settings and when you go to runtime, you can active it.