Small very small bugs

litles bugs in studio ( or not) version 23.4.0 comunity

when editing:

  • sometimes, when editing a assign action i do not see the + sign on the right side ( to allow to use the advanced editor)…
  • when using a package to connet to chatgpt ( to use api) as i was receiving always wrong answers, i have removed that package and also those activitys that here connected to that package. after that it was not possible to work with that program. the message error that i have got was : it’s not possible to find ~mail.xaml !!! ( i had to do all again…)
  • i was copying an activity ( which i have done) but when i try to use paste option it was not activated ( the place where i wanted to copy was good). i had deleted that activity ( an if activity) and i had created again then i had paste as option…

when debugging:

  • in the locals window ( those where we see the variables and their contents) does not show from the beginning the horizontal scroll bar. To have it, i need to make that window bigger and if after i make it small then that scroll bar appears
  • sometimes it’s dificult to disable the break point. the option to disable is visible, i can click on it but that breakpoint is not disabled. i must say that this is only valid when i’m running and want to disable some activitys that do not need to have breakpoints. when editing it always work

thank you to all