Slow step activity

One or more activities can be commented on. With crtl = D these will end up in a frame and will not be processed. Can you create a slow step frame so that only the activities within that frame are performed in slow step?

Hi @stefan-jan,
What do you mean by slow step in this case? Can you describe example where such thing would be needed etc.?

Hi Pawel,

I was working on the advanced developer training.
There the sequence starts with reading the config.xlsx
That happens in now time as long that you don’t go for the slow step execution
You can start normal and hit the button to slow down near the point of intrest.
Struggling with the exercise I looked for the option to comment and uncomment.
That’s a helpful thing but still, if you don’t read the config.xlsx there no values in de config dir.
So charmed by the option to comment (Ctrl+D) and uncomment (Ctrl+E) I wished for a Zoom in function during execution of a sequence. A box were you can drop activities, sequences or even complete invoked flows.
While executing a flow, the program would switch to slow step once inside that box and speedup again after leaving the flow’s inside the (slow step zoom) box.
If needed one can create multiple (slow step zoom in) boxes during the full execution of by example the main flow.

Kind regards

Stefan-Jan Van den Brande

This what you said is exactly what you can get in Debug panel. You can add breakpoints where execution of workflow will stop, you can slow down the speed of execution and finally you can edit each parameter during debugging.

Hi Paweł,

I know the buttons you’re showing.
And I have also successfully completed my exercises without the Slow Step zoom in box. I thought it could be a nice extra and not expensive to create. A suggestion for improvement and that’s what this idea place on the forum is all about.
It is now in your hands. For me it is a nice to have.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.