Slack integration-Extract message from slack

@Nithinkrishna its working fine now…for ur information i am a just beginner in Uipath.
thanks for ur great support.

Cool @Yesodha_Karuppusamy

Good that you have accomplished it !

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Hi @Nithinkrishna. can u help me to get the output from For Each loop?

Hey @Yesodha_Karuppusamy

You can use the old code itself, but inside For-each you need to keep on appending the message to string variable



I tried the multi assign activity in For Each loop and got output.

Is it right way?

Hey @Yesodha_Karuppusamy

It’s okay to do like that.

But multiple assign is like a redundant piece of code and you can simply concat the getmessages(0) and so on directly as well.

Hope that helps


yes ur right… but the message copying as it. not showing differentiation between the messages

Okay, add a , between concatenation

strMsg1 + "," + strMsg2 + "," + strMsg3