Skip a few rows in DataTable

I got into a problem in which I don’t know how to skip a few rows in a for each row in data table activity. I have 2 for each row activity and i want the first for each row activity to skip a certain number of rows from time to time, and I don’t know how to do this.

would u like to skip rows from top of the table or in the middle

I would be from the middle

If you want to skip rows from starting.
Idx=pass the index value which row need to skip

Instead of using two for each row have a copy of the datatable and use one for each row loop with main datatable

Inside the loop based on the condition you want have that inside the loop and make the deletion with the temp datatavle using DELETE DATAROW activity

How should I get the position of the index in the dataTable

use a counter variable inside the loop so that you can capture that if passing through the criteria and use that as a index position

being index position, make sure that the Counter variable is defined with default value as 0

Cheers @maria-iulia.zdrenghea