Simple "Read range", "For each row", "Message box activities". Cannot display the DateStamp format. Getting junk value.?

Hi Team,

So lately I have been working on a use-case where I need to extract the data from the excel.

So I have followed the followed the below approach:-

1. Read Range from the excel (excel is shown below) (into data table variable : dt)

2. For each row to get the cell by cell extraction.

3. Using the message box to display (checking purpose)

Now, that being said, I am stuck here, I am able to extract all the items of the rows, but only finding it difficult to extract the row of TimeStamp.

Ideally, I should be able to get the TimeStamp values in the output message box window. But I am getting a random junk values (eg:- 4573982.39894, 45903.8272, etc…)

I also tried getting values of column “Insert Date” but here also I am getting the random(but similar sorta) output.

Please find the images attached below for refference.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi @hacky

Could you by any chance provide a sample of that Excel file? (minus any sensitive information, of course). I would like to have a look.

Normally, the dates in Excel are actually numbers if you set the cell formatting to “Number” and I think UiPath has read those numbers instead of a date. You could try playing around with the type for that column in Excel (set it to date). You can also see here for more context:

ExcelFile.xlsx (8.3 KB)

Please find the excel Document.

Also consider the script as shown in the figure.


I can’t reproduce your problem, it’s working fine in my end.

Or could you please provide your original document ?