Silverlight slinject


I succedeed to install silverlight application.
When i want to select something in my application, cmd windows appear and says that “FuncEval is not available at this breakpoint”.
Run “slinjet --install” with administrator privileges" but i have already done that.

I follow this step : but anything is happen

Any idea ?!

@aksh1yadav @ovi any idea ?


Hi samouuu,

Just a thought: uninstall your Silverlight version and try with Silverlight developer. After this run “slinject --install”.

Let me know if there is any change after.

Hello ovi,

I have already done it … without result.


Just to be sure, have you followed these steps:

  • install Silverlight developer
  • open cmd as administrator
  • run “slinjet --install”

yes already do.

Everything is ok but recognisation of object is KO.

Maybe there is a problem with silverlight website that i want to automate :
“Silverlight applications have a property which allows them to be displayed as a windowless plug-in, which is usually set to “true”. There is no accessibility support for this so in order to automate Silverlight applications easily the windowless property needs to be set to “false”. One way this can be achieved is by injecting some (depending on the application) JavaScript into the browser to change the property to “false” and then invoking that JavaScript, which will allow the browser to expose the Active Accessibility properties of the elements within that application to UiPath.”

Did you try with some other silverlight app or website?

I have just this one

I’m also getting this error. I uninstalled Silverlight, installed Silverlight developer and then runned “slinject /install”. However, the blackscreen from CMD continues to be presented before any click on the Silverlight Application.

Can someone from UiPath give some guidance on this topic please?

Best regards and thank you.